Full Frameless Cabinet Hinges Concealed Overlay for Kitchens, Bathrooms | Soft Close with Built-In Damper | Stainless-Steel Metal Finish | Includes Screws

  • $25.99

Product Details:
  • Full Overlay Design – Designed for frameless cabinet doors, these small hinges help save space in otherwise tight cabinets to improve kitchen convenience.
  • Quiet, Soft-Close Damper – Each cabinet door hinge features a built-in damper that creates a self-closing (soft closing) door for quieter and safer results.
  • Quick and Easy Installation – The clip-on plate and 3-way adjustments allow for faster, more efficient installation; great for DIY jobs or contractors.
  • Improved Accessibility – Crafted with a 35mm bore (hinge cup) and 105° degree opening angle it’s easier to open doors to suit your kitchen needs.
  • Include Matching Screws – Each bulk order of our full frameless wall cabinet hinges comes with screws for each piece, ensuring precision placement and security.

Finish: Satin Nickel 

Quantity: 10, 20, 40, or 50

UPC: 0769471796538 0769471796088 0769471796118 0769471792547 0769471792806 0769471795999